Five Important Rules to Keep in Mind when Wearing Vintage Clothing

Fashion trends come and go but a lot of them resurrect and people admire them. Vintage fashion is the holy grail of timeless value. Other fashion enthusiasts wear vintage clothing as an identity while others as a time-honored tradition. This clothing includes shell suits, shoes, and accessories that represent the high-quality of a past time.

But, aside from being a fashion trend, vintage clothing is a statement of biblical proportions that never goes out of style. Indeed, vintage clothing tends to appreciate over time. If you love to turn to vintage for a chic look, below are some rules you have to keep in mind:

Wear Vintage Accessories

If you want to wear a vintage outfit, you must incorporate complimentary vintage accessories which are usually made better than a lot of contemporary pieces. Pairing your vintage outfit with these accessories can take your fashion sense to the next level. Vintage accessories include vintage rope belts, handbags, and tooled leather. Also, vintage jewellery can spice up your outfit.

Mix Vintage with New

Wear vintage and new clothing together will separate an outfit and break up the monotony, establishing a new look. Mixing and matching vintage and modern outfit can help you stand out.  In fact, this can be the easiest way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe.

Dress Around a Centrepiece

In terms of wearing vintage clothing like the 80s shell suit, you have to create a focal point which draws the eye in or around your outfit. Choose a vintage piece you wish to showcase and work around it by mixing or layering pieces while emphasising the focal piece. The centrepiece can be a hat, a purse, or a novelty pin that stands out against your outfit’s backdrop. This lets you make a statement or even start a conversation.

Avoid Committing a Vintage Fashion Faux Pas

Wearing vintage clothing is something that not everyone can pull off. That is why you need to research vintage eras to void murdering your vintage look. Vintage clothing fanatics know if you are killing the style. It is important to work on your own personality and attitude into your chosen vintage outfit. This way, it does not look compelled and you stand out for the right reasons.

Take Care of your Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing and accessories must be kept in mint condition. For instance, vintage dresses may have embellishments like sequins, beading, and embroidery which require special handling and cleaning. Usually, vintage clothing is made of delicate fabrics like satin, lace, or silk. These pieces should be worn with care and washed with more care.