10-180×100 zoom handheld outdoor binoculars bird watching night vision telescope

10-180×100 zoom handheld outdoor binoculars bird watching night vision telescope



Product Description

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Product Name: Binoculars
Model: 10-180×100
Colour: Black
Objective lens diameter: 50mm
Eyepiece diameter: 22mm
Exit diameter: 5.8mm
Objective lens coating: FMC broadband multilayer green film
Eyepiece coating: FMC broadband multilayer blue film
Prism material: BAK4
Waterproof rating: IP5
Exit distance: 15mm
Magnification: 8-24 times
Near focal length: 8 meters
Field of view: 100 m / 1200 m

How to use binoculars:
A.IDP AD adjustment
Set the pupil spacing by grabbing the body and bending it until you can see the view circle. Your eye settings will be displayed on the IPD scale (please note the scale settings for later use)
1. Close the right eye, observe the object with your left eye, and then focus the binoculars by rotating the center focus wheel until the image is sharp and sharp.
2. Open the right eye and close the left eye, rotate the right eyepiece until the object you see is clear and sharp (note the setting of the diopter scale for future use)
3. Double-sided (eyes), now focus on other objects on the focus wheel.
C.Rubber folding eye cup
It can be used with glasses after folding, and can be used without folding after wearing glasses. They provide comfort and ease of viewing

1. Observing the sun can cause permanent eye damage. Do not use binoculars to observe the sun or even observe the sun with the naked eye.
2. Do not try to clean the inside of the eyes or try to disassemble them.
3. The illumination function will image the target that is occurring near the light.

Packing list:
Color box*1
Telescope* 1
Telescope bag* 1
Instruction manual* 1
Mirror belt * 1
Objective lens cover* 2
Eyepiece cover* 1


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