100-350 Lbs Heavy Duty Sport Grip Hand Grippers Build Forearm Muscle Strength Train

100-350 Lbs Heavy Duty Sport Grip Hand Grippers Build Forearm Muscle Strength Train



Product Description

*Aluminum alloy Style–Package includes:
1x Heavy Grip

-The Heavy Grips hand gripper series was developed for athletes who want to take their grip strength training to the next level
-These high quality aluminum hand tweezers are crafted with 50-inch-force-lb torque increases from 100 lbs to 350 lbs so you can train your grip similar to the formation of any other body part – for greater strength
-The amount of torque provided by these aluminum hand pliers will allow you to build strength in the forearms and grip that plastic handle pliers can never provide
-If you want to develop a serious hand strength for a sport, or just want to impress your friends, heavy hand tweezers are the perfect choice for you!
-You can choose 6 grips-one each of 100 lbs, 150 lbs, 200 lbs, 250 lbs resistance,300 lbs resistance,350 lbs resistance

Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, shooting sports, fitness body, martial arts, health massage
Specifications: 100-350 pounds
Material: spring steel
Color: Silver
Size: Length about 13.5cm, width about 10.2cm, handle thickness about 1.7cm, spring part thickness about 2cm

*Sponge Style—Package included:
1pc x Hand Gripper(Color random)

Safe grip sponge handle fits your hand and give you a best comfort feeling
Note: We don’t offer color choice. Your order will be sent in colors at random.
Items would be single color probably once you buy more,hope you understand.


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