1Pcs High Quality 100W Led Car Fog Light H4 H7 H1 H3 H8 H11 9005 9006 White Light Super Bright Fog Lamp Bulb Plug and Play Fog Bulb Direct Replacement

1Pcs High Quality 100W Led Car Fog Light H4 H7 H1 H3 H8 H11 9005 9006 White Light Super Bright Fog Lamp Bulb Plug and Play Fog Bulb Direct Replacement



Product Description

Model: H7, H4 H1 H3 H8 H11 9005 9006
Please purchase according to the corresponding model of the model, thank you
There are 1 and 2 options. In order to avoid the color difference between the left and right, it is recommended that you purchase 2 PCS.

Package Contents:
1x high power LED headlight bulb

Product specifications
Super bright, plug and play, no need to cut wires, no ballast, but no Canbus function.
1. Power: 100W
2. Luminous flux: 1000LM
3. Working voltage: DC 9-32V (suitable for 12V, 24V vehicles)
4. Number of LEDs (each bulb): 2 * CSP chips or 1 * CSP chip
5, material: aluminum PCB and PA66 + 30% GF plastic
6. Light source mode: high quality CSP chip
7. Sealed case: dustproof and waterproof
8. Beam angle: 360 beam angle 2 chips
270 low beam lights and 360 high beam lights 3 chips
9. Color temperature: 6000K-6500K white headlights as daylight XENON HID
10. Heat dissipation theory: Aerospace aluminum 6063T5 includes turbine cooling fan
11. Service life: > 50000 hours
12. Working temperature: -40 – + 80 ‘ãC
13. Connector type: plug and play
14. Waterproof rating: IP68 waterproof
15. Applications: headlights, fog lights, high beam lights, low beam lights
16. Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO9002, IP68

Product advantages:
1. Super bright CSP chip, 360 degree transparent beam without blind zone.
2. The engineering beam pattern design evenly projects light on the road at an appropriate angle, with no fog lights.
3. Integrated aluminum profile as a heat transfer system, 360 degree heat dissipation + high speed silent fan system to keep the bulb at the proper working temperature.
4. Built-in constant current CPU, instant full brightness, no need to start relay.
5. High-speed silent fan (15000R / Min), high air volume, faster cooling.
6. Product structure: Scrub radiator designed with radiated heat dissipation and cooling coating; compact installation size, 360 degree adjustable socket, suitable for more vehicles.

Installation Precautions
1. As a safety precaution, make sure the car has enough time to cool before starting the installation process.
2. Park the vehicle in a parking position or make sure it is in place.
3. Make sure the ignition is turned off and the key is removed.
4. Be careful to avoid burns, especially when turning the vehicle on or off.
5. Be careful to avoid squeezing or cutting the bulb. Also, be sure not to touch the lamp with your fingers as it will cause stains.
6. Thoroughly check the connection of contacts, ports and wires, as faulty connections can cause lighting problems.
7. When adjusting the lamp, make sure that the end of the lamp does not come into contact with the internal hood of the headlight.

Normal problem
Can’t both sides work?
Please turn the plug (replace polarity) and try again
One party can’t work?
1) Turn the plug of the defective lamp (replace the polarity) and try again
2) Please replace the bulb from side to side to see if the problem can be solved.
3) Please check your connection and fuse
4) If you still can’t help, please contact our customer service, we will reply you within 24 working hours.
Please note that different cars have different connections, some have positive and negative, and some have positive but not negative. If only the positive pole is not the negative pole, please connect the positive pole. For the negative pole wire, connect to the correct position of the car.


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