Mobile phone wireless high power charger

Mobile phone wireless high power charger



Product Description

Material :ABS + aluminum alloy
Overall weight: 70g
Length of data line: about 50CM
Input: 5V /2A, 9V /1.67A
Output :10W/7.5W/5W is ok
Charging efficiency: above 75%
Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz
1 * Fast wireless charger
1 * micro USB cable
Quick quick charging mode compatible wireless charging 10 w: Galaxy S9 and integrated + / S8 S8 + / note 9 / note 8 / note 5 / edges/S7 / S7 S6 and pay attention to other galaxies and Galaxy S higher series of products, quick charge compatible iPhone X 7.5 w/XS/XS MAX/XR, iPhone8/8 + (other Qi – enabled devices will charge standard wireless charging speed).
Multifunctional protection: Futuristic design, ultra-thin, no annoying beeps, no plastic smells, even low key LED lights, no nighttime noise.An anti-skid rubber base prevents your device from sliding during charging.
Aluminum alloy body: The metal body creates a strong and durable wireless bracket charger, which can effectively reduce the temperature and prevent the mobile phone from overheating without electromagnetic noise.Get a good night’s sleep knowing your phone is safely recharging next to your bed.


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